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Luna Brand Management


Social Media Management

About Us

Founded in October 2015, Luna Brand Management is a social media management agency in San Antonio, Texas, specializing in branding, web/logo design, and reputation management. What separates Luna from the rest is its ability to fulfill just about any digital marketing request that clients have. Luna's team has professional experience in web/logo design and social media marketing and is more than qualified to help establish any small business's online presence.

Our wide variety of services has caused us to experience rapid growth, and we now have clients all over the United States. Luna Brand Management's mission is to serve the small business community by creating a positive image for its brand online. In a technological age where anyone has the capability to influence a company's online personification, we look to create an impenetrable brand and reputation.

Helping companies grow is our passion, and giving results that clients are ecstatic about is what we guarantee. The culture at Luna Brand Management is fast-paced, team-centric, and focused highly on collaboration and creativity. We strive to always maintain a positive atmosphere for brainstorming and teamwork. Every day, our team is looking to further our craft and skills to better help our client's brands. We believe the best working environment is one where input is encouraged, hard work is praised, and achievements are earned!

Our goals are to expand the industries that we represent, continue to wow our current client base and uphold a business that is current, relevant, helpful, and philanthropic.