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Eagle Care Health Solutions

Eagle Care Health Solutions

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In 2023, 40% of Americans on an employer-sponsored health plan delayed care due to prohibitive costs.

Of these, 38% reported that their health worsened due to the delay. The cost of this to employers equates to billions of dollars each year.

At Eagle Care Health Solutions, we are committed to reversing this trend by making healthcare accessible and affordable for all, with a particular focus on empowering employers to offer more effective health benefits.

As a NextGen Benefits Consultant, we position ourselves not as traditional brokers but as healthcare consultants, advocating for your interests by analyzing and clarifying your healthcare investments for better transparency and control over spending.

Our expertise in healthcare supply chain management enables us to optimize your healthcare offerings, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness while enhancing the quality of care. This approach allows us to support your organization in building a healthier workforce and achieving significant savings, underpinned by our principle of earning our success through yours.

By aligning our incentives with yours, Eagle Care navigates the complexities of healthcare to transform your benefits into a transparent, value-driven model.

Our joint vision is to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for your employees by leveraging our knowledge and skills in healthcare supply chain management to reduce the frequency and severity of claims. Thus improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Call us if you are ready to take control of your healthcare.



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